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Android issues

We’ve had a lot of reports lately of issues with BlueTipz not playing nicely with some Android phones. We can completely understand people’s frustrations, and we promise we’re not trying to screw people or sell a faulty product. Here’s what’s going on:

In the last few weeks we have had more people use their phones to try BlueTipz than we ever could have tested on. For the most part, iOS has been working pretty well with only a few hiccups. Android has been a bear, though.

The first problem is that Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is so new that only a few phones even have the hardware for it. Figuring out which phones do and don’t has been tough.

The second problem is that the phones have a variety of operating systems, from Android 2.3, to 3.0, to 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, with 4.4 just recently released. Android didn’t start supporting BLE until 4.3. However, some phone makers (Motorola and HTC) had hardware support in their phones, and released separate libraries that allowed some Motorola and HTC phones to work on some of the earlier OS versions as long as you used their library. So we already have a very split field as far as phones and operating systems.

Then the carriers came in to make it worse. Not all the carriers upgrade the phones equally, or at the same time. So sometimes a Galaxy SIII from one carrier, like Verizon, may not have the latest OS, whereas a Galaxy SIII from another carrier, like U.S. Cellular, might have 4.3. And then there are the people who unlock, root, and upgrade their own phones.

To compound on these problems, we are getting reports that Android introduced a bug with BLE with the latest version of Android, so we’re trying to figure that out and solve it.

We did our best to test on a variety of phones and operating systems before we released BlueTipz, and we’re hard at work now to get more support for more devices as fast as we can. You should see updates regularly as we resolve issues for each of the operating systems and carriers and phones. We hope you’ll be patient with us as we figure the issues out. We’re very sorry if you’re having issues with your specific phone, and we implore you to contact us to let us know which phone, carrier, and android version you have, and what’s not working, so we can get a better idea of what’s wrong and how to make it work for your device.