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Greetings Deep Freezers,

Well it may take a little longer to warm the truck up this morning, but I’ll take that any day of the week if that means we’re making ice!  Temperatures have consistently dropped across the ice fishing belt, and that trend is moving Eastward as we speak.


This weekend, DEEP FREEZE is at the St. Paul Ice Show.  The show runs through Sunday, so stop by and take a peek at our products if you’re in the area.  BlueTipz and the new One Shot Skimmer-Pro Edition will be among the items available for purchase.  There are definitely deals to be had at these shows, so they’re a great place to stock up on your ice fishing arsenal for this coming season.


And finally, I’d like to address our most popular recent question: will BlueTipz work with my smartphone?  The easiest answer to this question: download the App ‘BlueTipz’ (BlueTipz will yield the best search results as opposed to Blue Tipz, BlueTips, or Blue Tips) from your app store.  Turn on Scanning within BlueTipz, and if you’re not prompted with a message that states your device is not compatible, you’re good to to go.  The only caveat is Samsung Galaxy devices running Android OS 4.3 can work inconsistently.  We are working with Samsung to resolve this problem, but unfortunately, there’s not much more we can do.  It’s sort of a waiting game with them right now, but we will work to get that issue solved ASAP.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe on the ice!