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Deep Freeze Testing Procedures

How does one make sure that an ice fishing product performs in cold weather in the middle of summer? With a freezer! After leaving it overnight among the chicken and ice, with a thermometer to keep it company, we turned it on the next day to find it happily flash to life, and the phone in the other room explode in joy (and notifications) at hearing from its long lost and very cold buddy. The outside of the enclosure was covered in a small layer of frost, but was otherwise completely fine. Granted 14 degrees F isn’t the coldest we expect to have our product, so we’ll be testing with some dry ice in a cooler in the not too distant future.


Testing BlueTipz in cold temperatures.

We’ll also verify with a long test to make sure the battery life is as expected, but that will be a little more challenging. Why? Because we’ve built in features to save battery life like no other. After the first thirty seconds, the tipup doesn’t send out notifications as frequently (a few times a second instead of a few dozen times a second). After 5 minutes it slows down even more and doesn’t flash as frequently. After an hour, it slows itself down even more. So how do we make an accurate test to simulate repeated strikes? Find out soon.