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Pad Printing Update

After sending our pad printing design off to the printer, we got some good and bad news. Well, mostly bad.

For some reason, the pad printing wasn’t quite right. The scale was off. The color didn’t pop like it should have.


Well this isn’t going to work. The scale is wrong, the color is awful. What happened?

Fortunately, our friends at Wadal Plastics also tried doing a pad print in white. It’s a good thing they did.


It looks a lot brighter in white. WAY better.

After seeing how bright the white was compared to the orange, we decided to go with white. We could have tried to make the orange work; one way is to first print in white, then print again in orange. That would have had a higher failure rate, which costs more, and we were in a hurry. Another option is more coats, but the orange in the photo already had two coats, so it would have taken a lot more to get the color right.

Then there was the problem of scale. For some reason, the file I had given them hadn’t translated correctly. Somewhere along the line, the scale got off. After a phone call and some verification of the process, making sure they had received the file I had sent, and that the file they got was output directly from the correct software, and verifying on my own system that the scale was correct, they then went off to figure out what was wrong on their end.


Printing out the design at the correct scale, then putting it over the BlueTipz, everything looks right. The dimensions match what was calculated…

We don’t know what happened; if they had done something wrong, or if they modified our file to work, or what, but they fixed it, and the pad printing looks fantastic now.