BlueTipz Transmitter 2-Pack–V5.0

BlueTipz Transmitter 2-Pack–V5.0


The 2018 BlueTipz Transmitters are ready to go!  The new mobile app, available on Android and iOS, will be released in late November.  With the new app, users will be able to choose their trigger angle (will now work with tip-ups, tip-downs, rattle reels, etc.), disable the LED (fish in Stealth mode), and change the transmit power in order to optimize performance in extremely cold conditions.  This is by far our biggest upgrade thus far.

As always, the mobile app is 100% free.  Order your BlueTipz Transmitters today as only a limited amount have been produced for the 2018-19 ice season.

The BlueTipz wireless transmitter alerts you on your smartphone when you have a strike on your tip-up.  It operates on a CR2032 Lithium battery which performs well in cold temperatures.

The bright orange LED is great for night fishing.

High-range performance of up to 600 ft.  This can also be increased with the BlueTipz Receiver.

The transmitter clips to any tipup flag, or can be silicone banded to other devices.

Download the BlueTipz app to make sure your mobile device is compatible.  The app is free and is available on Android and iOS.

Patent Pending.


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If you have any questions or issues, please contact us immediately and we’ll do our best to resolve them before you return your product.

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