Rod Adapter

Rod Adapter


The BlueTipz Rod Adapter provides an effective way to mount your BlueTipz Transmitter to different devices such as:

  • -Automatic Hook Setters (Automatic Fisherman/Jaw Jacker/etc.)
  • -Tip-down rods
  • -Non-standard tip up flags

The rod adapter allows the BlueTipz Transmitter to lock into place, allowing for easy attachment. A twist of the Transmitter also makes it simple to remove the Transmitter while you’re reeling in your fish if desired. Includes Rod Adapter + 2 locking anchor tab bands. For Jack Traps, Finicky Foolers, and for other applications where wrapping a band completely around the Transmitter is desired, see our 3″ anchor tab bands.

Expand the use of your BlueTipz with the Rod Adapter!

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