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Testing BlueTipz

Good Morning Deep Freezers,

Today I wanted to go over how to test your BlueTipz transmitters, and review some things you might notice.

First off, when testing the transmitters, if you’re testing the same transmitter, give it 10 seconds down between tests in order to let it reset itself.  If you wait for only 5 seconds, you won’t get an alert the 2nd time you tip it up.  There’s nothing wrong with the transmitter, that’s just how they’re designed to work with the mobile app.

The other thing I wanted to review was how to delete entries from your Fish Log.  On the iOS side of things, open the Fish Log, swipe whichever entry you’d like to delete to the left, and a Delete icon should pop up.  For Android’s, open the Fish Log, press and hold whichever entry you’d like to Delete, and you’ll have an option to delete that entry.  While testing, your Fish Log can fill up rather quickly, so it is nice to be able to delete these entries.

As always, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

Stay safe, and FISH ON!!!

Brad Z.