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Using the Chilly Weather Test

The deep freeze across the Midwest has been all over the news and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to test out how well BlueTipz works in the extreme cold. We set up very specific tests that measured battery performance alone, so we could get a better idea of the chemistry happening and what kinds of things would be possible to tweak to get better performance out of cold batteries.

This meant going outside every couple hours to take measurements, and as the guy who had to write in -20F with bare fingers for minutes at a time, this was not an easy task.

Testing battery voltages under different loads gives us an idea how much current we can source from a cold battery.

After we did the pure battery tests, we moved on to testing the BlueTipz units themselves. We ran 6 different units, each with a slightly different parameter adjustment designed to improve battery life and performance, with a control of course. Every few trials we would also test range. Strangely, our range tests did much better at night than during the day, and we don’t know why. Our best guess is that there is a lot more interference during the day from people’s electronics and smartphones and stuff, and that in a lake environment this wouldn’t be an issue at any time.

The results? Fantastic. Every one of our devices, including the control which is on shelves, performed better than expectations for the entire duration of the test, which was a few days of data collection.