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It’s windy out there! More extreme testing

We were doing some open field testing (not enough ice yet) and ran into an issue we hadn’t had to deal with before. It was REALLY windy out. Ice fishers are not ones to complain about the weather, and we took the opportunity to see how well BlueTipz handled it, too.

We set up a test environment with a couple box fans so that we could have a consistent environment to repeat tests with different tip-ups and different wind speeds and different methods of attaching the BlueTipz.


What we found was that BlueTipz still worked even in the windiest conditions we could throw at it, but there are some notes worth mentioning that could help you get better and more reliable performance out of your BlueTipz.

  • In REALLY heavy winds, sometimes the flag gets blown down to more than 45 degrees. BlueTipz won’t work below 45 degrees of tilt. There’s nothing we can do about this; we have to be able to tell the difference between up and down, and when the wind makes it look like the flag is down…
  • Sometimes the flag makes matters worse. As you can see in the picture, the flag is whipping around, shaking the pole and the BlueTipz. We found that by rolling up the flag so that it wasn’t able to whip around the whole pole was more stable and didn’t bend over. This isn’t ideal because the flag isn’t as visible, but with BlueTipz working, you won’t be needing the flag much anyway.
  • In high wind it may flicker a little as the wind shakes the pole and the rolling ball sensor inside. This should be fine.
  • BlueTipz won’t snap off the pole. We sent it to 60,000 feet in another of our extreme tests and had no problems, so we didn’t really expect it to be a problem in wind, either, but it was nice to see.

As always, if you have any issues with your BlueTipz, please let us know through our contact form, and we’ll do our best to address them and make you happy. We know you’ll be using this in some extreme conditions; probably conditions we haven’t thought of to test, so your feedback is essential.